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Christmas Angels

November 2019

Christmas Angels is a nationwide initiative with the purpose of sharing the Christmas story and our hope for the future. This movement started within the Methodist church and we are grateful for their guidance on their dedicated website. 

We will be “yarnbombing” and hanging these angels out during Advent, each with a message from us as a Christian community.

By sharing these angels we can show people we are praying for them and they can contact us on social media (@flavelchurch) or share where they found the angel and what it means to them #christmasangels. This is a fantastic opportunity to re-tell the Christmas story.

To get involved, please ask for a knitting pattern from Sandra, talk to one of our church members, or ask one of our staff in the Flavour coffee lounge.

Happy Knitting!

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Dartmouth Food festival

October 2019

Once again in 2019 we ran a number of events as part of the Dartmouth Food Festival. This year we hosted and ran a free Children's tea party, pizza making sessions and the well known 'Bread of Life' competition.

Many that came in to participate in the activities appreciated  the calm and serenity that they experienced during their visit. The most recent publication of By The Dart features an excellent write up and an interview with our church leaders Deb and Karl and some of our volunteers too.

Why non pop on down to experience the calm, coffee and community on offer at Flavel church for yourself soon too?

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Dart Music Festival

May 2019

We annually host musicians for the Dart Music Festival. We have previously had 'Wildwood Kin' playing for the Dart Music festival programme. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the next exciting musical acts and events on offer during the music festival 

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August 2019

The coffee lounge set up worked as the calm and tranquil setting many desired during Regatta events once again this year. Our team of volunteers offered their time and welcoming conversations to run the coffee lounge again this year. As a church we really enjoy being able to speak to the wide range of visitors we meet during Regatta week. 

This year we are grateful once again to Sandra and her team of volunteers too as they ran another successful cream tea event in the church during Regatta 2019.

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History of Flavel Church - By the Dart

October 2013

An informative article in By The Dart on the history of the church and John Flavel.

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John Flavel

By The Dart 2009

In brief, an article about the life and preaching of John Flavel.

If you are interested, we have some booklets (£1) and books (£5) on the life, preaching and acts of John Flavel. These are for sale in the church. 

History and News: News & Updates
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